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Why powerful mainsprings don't always increase velocity | Air gun ...

Jul 30, 2013 . Where that limit is depends on the rest of the design — the parts that are too expensive to . Yes, that's what a supercharger (Blower) does.

Piston Slap: W123 Love in 2013? | The Truth About Cars

May 20, 2013 . Plus I'd like to be able to run bio diesel or waste veggie oil as . Until rubber bits degrade, parts are hard to find/expensive and the talent .

ROLL CALL! We are long overdue for an omnibus Thi...

Aug 5, 2013 . We are long overdue for an omnibus Thing Thrower check-in. . so I'm anticipating 12 hours (plus 2 hours there and back) of hot, stinky, .

Vacant Lots - The Cottage Guy website - Coldwell Banker real estate ...

Main floor features the living room/kitchen, master bedroom and a 3 piece bathroom and mudroom Bathroom with bath/shower, towels, hair blower, first aid kit .